Lets all make a difference.

By working together we can make the crucial changes required that we all need to make. 

What Is Carbon Dioxide? 

to make a change , we first need to understand why change is needed and what carbon dioxide is ,carbon Dioxide otherwise known as Co2 is a standard greenhouse gas naturally existing in the atmosphere, accounting for about 75% of emissions in the air we breathe. However, it can live in the atmosphere for thousands of years. Research also shows that the level of carbon dioxide concentration has risen to 355 parts per million (PPM), compared to 270 PPM recorded in the 1700s. 

CO2 has proven to be a significant contributor to air pollution, taking a substantial role in the greenhouse effect. That's because carbon dioxide traps radiation at the ground level, resulting in ground-level ozone. That prevents the earth from cooling during the night and warms ocean waters, while human activities like coal burning, deforestation, and gas consumption contribute to a significant percentage of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, Burning fossil fuel to produce energy is the biggest source of Co2 emissions in the atmosphere. 

How Carbon Dioxide Emissions Affect Our Planet While Co2 exposure has several benefits to plants and human life, too much carbon dioxide can affect your health negatively. That includes dizziness, headaches, restlessness, difficulty breathing, tiredness, convulsion, elevate blood pressure, and increased heart rate. 

An increase in the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels can also result in more devastating effects to the environment, including: Climate Change The more Co2 is trapped in the atmosphere, the more heat will be trapped in the environment. That contributes to the rise in global temperatures and influences climate change. That results in extreme weather events like wildfires, tropical storms, heat waves, and severe drought, negatively affecting crop production and disrupting the animals’ natural habits. Cause respiratory diseases to humans Carbon emissions affect human life directly by causing more respiratory complications due to the increase in air pollution.

 Even worse, carbon emissions kill some animal species and destroy food, which highly affects humans. Changes Plant Life According to the scientists at the University of Washington, carbon dioxide emissions affect plant growth although it’s required for growth. These scientists suggest that too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which results in thick leaves. These thick leaves are not very effective in reducing the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, which can have catastrophic results.


How you can help reduce C02 in the environment? We can all help reduce CO2 in the environment  by cutting back on energy usage , making more sustainable choices when it comes to food , recycling , reducing plastic waste by reusing carrier bags rather then buying new ones and much more ! Above are just a few things you can do to help reduce CO2 , At Eco Planet services we are committed to recycling and giving back , we have supported and worked with various eco friendly and environmental charities in the past and wish to continue to do so in the future , we have helped to plant trees and donated to many charities, we need your help to not only keep rubbish and waste out of landfills but to also help us support and donate to future charities