Our Mission

With Eco Planet Solutions LTD... Change starts with action. Better yet, an action that affects the world around you. A Billion Acts of Green are happening across the planet. From students in classrooms to organizers in their communities to officials in government there are ways for anyone of any background to make a difference. Start small and go big — or start big and stay big. Either way, keep coming back, keep taking action and join the movement to change the world.

Add your act, watch the Billions grow, and join the movement to change the world.  Watch our promotion video here

Eco Palette Services is a subsidiary of Eco Planet Services Ltd

Our aim is to recycle used palettes and putting them back into use, preventing them from being wasted and industries having to require more as a result more trees would have to be cut down.


Please get InTouch if you or anyone you know has used palettes that are no longer required.

How you can help to make a difference

As we know via the news or media /social media, the earth is in trouble.

Our past neglect for our home "Earth" has coused terrible damage to our ozone and atmosphere. Eco Planet Services' aim is to repair the past and build a positive future not just for us but our children  and future generations.

How it all works, well Eco planet services can help you to understand.

the effects and damage we've coursed the Earth and its contents like pollution both air and sea, Together we can make steps to repair our planet and build a better future.

By working together we can make a change and repair our planet for the future generations.

Eco planet services can help you to help us fix the planet and carbon foot print.

Please contract us for a brochure.


A word from our Ceo...
Climate change has become a bigger issue than ever before, temperates are rising, polar ice cap's are melting and time is running out.. 2 degree rise in temperature may not seem much but on a global scale It is damaging. We all need to make a change not just for ourselves but our children and for the future of man kind.

        CEO Mr Peter Gibson & Director Mr Glynne Davies

Help us continue our work to save our Planet.... The Future Counts!